Status Updates

  • Working to collect data for mAEWing1 (preliminary aircraft data, FEM model, and DLM model)
  • First looks at the X-56 FEM for mAEWing2
  • Preliminary X-56 CFD model
  • Preliminary BFF based IFAC control law design
    • Shows body flaps effective, testing these with the UMN wind tunnel model is a priority

Git Repository and Version Control

  • Everyone should now have credentials to our git repositories
  • Discussed how we will have a repository to store data for each aircraft design and tool
    • i.e. mAEWing1 repository storing aircraft data, structural data, aero data, etc
    • Each component of data will have a version number with notes on our [wiki:detailedinfo Wiki]
    • Will have separate repositories for the tools (i.e. FEM, DLM, MDAO, simulation) since these will be applied to multiple aircraft designs
    • Using version control to track dependencies and ensure that updates to tools and data sets flow through the design