Status Updates

  • Initial mAEWing1 aircraft data, structural model, aerodynamic models (DLM and DATCOM based), and linear model online
    • Some updates are needed to the FEM and aerodynamic models, these are expected around the middle of next week
  • Initial versions of FEM and DLM code added to the tools repository
  • Meetings moved to Thursdays at 2 PM

To Do

  • Carryover from previous weeks:
    • UMN to define signal conventions, we’ll take care of this using the nonlinear simulation to drive definitions, see below
  • mAEWing1
    • Begin preliminary control law development, STI will be starting on this later this week
    • Wind tunnel model data reduction is ongoing at UMN, aerodynamic coefficients will be updated as this data is verified
    • A nonlinear simulation is in work
  • mAEWing2
    • Baselined on scaled down X-56A
    • Begin working on MDAO tools
      • Integrate sensors and control laws into MDAO
      • Optimize the wing design (flexibility in bending and torsion, number and layout of control effectors, sensor types and locations)
    • Begin development of mAEWing2 CFD model