Status Updates

  • mAEWing1
    • UMN working to update FEM code and structural model.
    • STI started preliminary investigations into using a PI control law to provide rigid body stability augmentation. STI also began investigating the use of MIDAAS. Some interesting phugoid dynamics, which bears some further discussion with UMN and Schmidt.
    • Dave S has some preliminary control laws designed which will be sent out around Thanksgiving. 2 loop closures and 2 surfaces at an airspeed of 50 knots. Seems to be sensitive to control surface placement and actuator bandwidth. Will also be including an updated aircraft model, which should better match the structural modes.
  • mAEWing2 and xAEWing3
    • VT discussed flight load requirements to begin MDAO process (design to 3.5 - 4 g). Dave S. will also be providing some simple models to help with investigating control surface placement and aircraft configuration as part of MDAO for the mAEWing2 design optimization.
    • VT has started investigating the X-56 data and sparib designs. Will need to discuss manufacturing constraints in more detail with Aurora as we get closer to xAEWing3.

To Do

  • mAEWing1
    • Complete update of FEM code and structural model
    • Complete preliminary control law design
    • Evaluate control law performance
  • mAEWing2
    • Baselined on scaled down X-56A
    • Begin working on MDAO tools
      • Develop simple aircraft models
      • Integrate sensors and control laws into MDAO
      • Optimize the wing design (flexibility in bending and torsion, number and layout of control effectors, sensor types and locations)
    • Begin development of mAEWing2 CFD model