• The updated center body, being built and integrated for the mAEWing1 flight testing, will be named Sköll. As a reminder the previous center body that was used for systems and operational development work, and is being used for some rigid flight testing, is called Fenrir.
  • We will start referring to the wings by wing type and a wing set number. So the current set of wings being integrated is mAEWing1 Wing Set 1 or mAEWing1 WS1.

Status Updates

mAEWing 1

  • mAEWing1 design v2.3 has been released. This should be considered the build to configuration.
  • mAEWing1 WS 1 is nearing completion:
    • Actuators and linkages have been installed
    • Wiring and accelerometer installation is nearing completion (expected completion date 20150407)
  • mAEWing1 WS 1 testing:
    • Static testing complete
    • Dynamic testing expected to be complete by 20150410
    • Freeplay test complete
      • Found less than about 0.25 degrees of freeplay. The linkage and hinge have no freeplay, all of the freeplay is in the actuator. This test was rudimentary, but the freeplay is low enough that we’re not planning further testing unless simulation and analysis show that we need more accurate information.
  • Foam delivered from a supplier for Sköll center body was very out of spec, should receive updated parts from our supplier week of April 6
  • Overall, we’re running 1 - 2 weeks behind schedule for mAEWing1 build and test; instead of an April 20th completion date, we’re now projecting early May.
  • FEM complete for mAEWing1, will update with GVT data when it becomes available.
  • CFD complete for mAEWing1, will begin work on CFD/CSD model.


  • MDAO approach and research plan for mAEWing2 complete.
  • Preliminary CFD for mAEWing2 complete.