Status Update

  • Annual report submitted.


  • Wing Set 2 (WS2) complete except for wiring and the addition of accelerometers; reminder that WS2 skin is cut to increase flexibility compared with WS1.
  • Static testing in work, GVT next week.
  • Will get static testing data and report to VT Friday, GVT data once we get the test complete and documented. Should be used for model update and control law development.
  • VT’s structural model has been updated based on foam and composite material, good C.G. matching with UMN mass buildup.
  • Good discussion on flight test techniques and system identification.
    • 3-2-1-1 inputs, chirps, multisines, and mutually orthogonal square wave inputs discussed as a means to identify flexible dynamics in flight weighed against the risk of over exciting structural modes.
    • Can observe both bending and torsion modes from wing accelerometers on WS1.
    • Try to increase seperation of wing accelerometers on WS2 to improve signal to noise for torsion.


  • Rolling start for design.
  • VT has been researching and working on MDAO.
  • UMN and Aurora working on layout options, fabrication techniques, and schedule.