Status Update


  • Dave S. model a good fit to the flight data at 20 m/s and 30 m/s with some slight parameter tweaks.
  • Planning to fly Hinf
    • Use L4/R4 to suppress 1st wing bending
    • Sensing q, center-body accels, and wingtip accels
    • Will send a short description
  • Dave S. emailed model updates to the group
    • Lateral directional, aft c.g. for Wing Set 2
    • Lateral directional dynamics not as sensitive to c.g. position as longitudinal dynamics
  • STI
    • Working on system identification using SIDPAC, output-error and frequency domain analysis
    • Comparing model with Dave S. with good comparisons
    • MATLAB GUI ready for real-time frequency and damping during flight
  • VT completed FEM update from the Wing Set 2 static testing
    • FEMS now available for Wing Set 1 and Wing Set 2


  • VT needs preliminary material properties
    • Initial design loads of +3.8/-1 and a 1.5 factor of safety
    • Initial flap deflection range of +/-35 degrees
  • Aurora will talking with mold suppliers
    • Working mAEWing2 and xAEWing3
    • Will use mAEWing2 mold to R&D approaches for xAEWing3 mold design
    • Leaning towards 3D printed molds