Status Update

  • Will meet as a team afternoon before NASA annual review
  • Plan on attending 8-3 on the day of the annual review, 8-5 if you would like to attend the closed sessions


  • Flights 06 - 09 completed on Sk├Âll
    • Flight 06 had a motor issue and landed shortly after takeoff with no test data collected
    • Flight 07 - 09
      • 23 m/s chirps open-loop on L3/R3 followed by L4/R4. 15 second chirps with a frequency range between about 1-10 Hz and a magnitude of 5 degrees on L3/R3 and 3 degrees on L4/R4.
      • 23 m/s 3-2-1-1 inputs open-loop on L3/R3 followed by L4/R4.
      • Open-loop flight is accomplished by the pilot directly controlling L2/R2 surface deflection for roll control and L3/R3 surface deflection for pitch control.
      • 23 m/s 3-2-1-1 inputs closed-loop on L3/R3 followed by L4/R4. The closed-loop control law is our standard rigid body control law for this vehicle; phi tracking is via L2/R2, theta tracking via L3/R3 and L4/R4 are used as an elevon.
      • 23 m/s theta doublet followed by phi doublet closed-loop on a modified rigid body control law that does not use the L4/R4 surfaces.
      • Flight data quality looks excellent for estimation of aero and flexible body dynamics.
      • Landings were very smooth and repeatable.
      • Able to track shape change with Wing Set 2.
  • Dave S. and STI are checking control law robustness against all of the available aircraft models.


  • UMN and VT will have side discussions regarding mAEWing2 design
    • Material selection
    • Rib and spar layout
    • Control surface design