Status Update


  • Next flights on Sk├Âll:
    • Split into two flights:
      • Flight 1: Chirps at 27 m/s
      • Flight 2: Chirps at 23 m/s (repeat of previous test) and open loop speed ramp to find flutter
  • Re-ran GVT on wing set 1, 3-35 Hz and 3-13 Hz
    • Will be sending data out for a model update
  • STI concentrating on GVT update
  • STI starting to look at Flight 09 data, working with UMN for parameter estimation then a model update
  • Dave S. conducting model comparisons with STI, wrapping up a working paper on a flutter suppression controller with robustness against all of the available models
  • VT updated FEM to match mode frequencies for Wing Set 1 based on older UMN GVT


  • VT using scaled X-56 as an initial design to optimize from
    • 1st step is to design a wing box for flutter at 60 knots
  • Aurora sent 3D printed mold design out for quotes